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    Physical Science Classroom Expectations

    Mission Statement

    It is my goal to educate and excite students about science. To do this I employ a variety of materials and techniques including but not limited to hands on labs and activities, videos, handouts, demonstrations, literature, discussions, and research projects. I want students to think about science and how it applies to their lives and interests.

    Major Course Objectives

    • The Structure of Matter
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Elements and the Periodic Table
    • Motion and Forces
    • Astronomy



    Classroom Rules

    Students are expected to treat themselves and others with respect, come to class prepared every day, and to follow the code of conduct outlined in their reminder binders. From time to time I may contact parents through notes, phone calls or email. Parents should fell free to contact me at, (626) 287-1139 ext.519 before or after school 7-8am M-Th or 2:30-3:00pm M-F, or through your student's reminder binder.


    Bathroom Policy

    School Policy requires students to use the restroom between classes. In case of emergencies students may go to the bathroom during class, but will be required to make up the time they use during lunch or after school. Failure to make up the time will result in detention and parent contact. If a medical condition exists please let the teacher know so that an exception can be made.


    Class Materials

    If you are unable to supply your student with these materials please let the teacher or the office know so that discreet accommodations can be made.

    • 1 three ring binder large enough to accommodate a quarter of work at a time (usually between 1 and 2 inches thick)
    • 2 or more pens, pencils, and erasers. I do not recommend mechanical pencils because students frequently run out of lead and none will be available.
    • 1 box of colored pencils 8-12 different colors


    Homework Policy

    Homework is designed to reinforce and build upon the material covered in class and to allow extra time for struggling students to complete assignments. Students are expected to come to class with assignments completed on the day they are due. Late work will not be accepted except under extenuating circumstances like hospitalization or a death in the family. A student's grade is significantly affected by missing work which counts as an F (0%) so it is well worth their while to turn in all assignments.

    • Students who are absent on the day work is collected as confirmed by the office absence list will be allowed to turn in work by the following school day with no penalty.
    • Students who are absent for two or more weeks will receive a maximum grade of D for late work.
    • Students who are absent from class, but who are on campus or who leave early will need to come to class and turn in their work before the end of the school day.



    Each student is required to keep a science notebook. It may be a section in a larger notebook for all of their classes. Notebooks will contain a copy of this letter and all of their work from the current quarter. Notebooks should be organized, clean, and free from loose or folded papers. Notebooks provide a running record of a student’s work for each quarter. They allow parents to look at each assignment throughout the quarter.  



    Each student will be given a textbook to use for the year. Students are responsible for their textbook and may be required to bring it to class as requested by the teacher.


    Test and Quizzes

    Tests dates will be announced in class. Students will be given ample time to review and prepare for tests. Quizzes may be assigned at any time. The best way to prepare for tests and quizzes is to know the vocabulary words and to use the section and chapter reviews in the textbook.



    You can access student grades at any time on the parent portal the office for password issues.


    Grade Scale

    100% - 90%


    89% - 80%


    79% - 70%


    69% - 60%


    59% - 0%



    Lab Safety

    Students are required to complete a basic lab safety quiz in class. Due to the nature of a science lab, certain procedures and safety precautions must be followed. Students who refuse to follow safety rules, such as safely handling chemicals and materials, wearing safety goggles, or eating in the lab will not be included in labs. Abuse of any lab material will result in the immediate removal from class and a call to parent/guardian to discuss behavior. From time to time pictures and video will be used to monitor safety and practices in the lab. These will also be used to compile scrapbooks and photo albums to share with student's parents, and school officials.



    Students are required to complete their own work unless given explicit permission to work with one or more partners. While teamwork is important and is an integral part of this class it is also important to assess what each student has learned. That is only possible when students do their own work. Students caught cheating or aiding other students in cheating or turning in copied work as their own will receive an F on that assignment, test, or quiz. Direct quotes should be in quotes, cite the source used, and account for no more than ¼ of any assignment.