Strategic Planning Priorities

  • Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Priorities

    In Strategic Planning for the future, the Board of Trustees is committed to enhancing the following:  

    1. Increasing Student Achievement/Academic Performance An ongoing focus and priority of the Board is ensuring that all students have the necessary resources to achieve successful achievement outcomes. This requires providing students an academic setting that enables them to reach their individual potential.  This priority aims to prepare students to compete academically in a global society.  

    2. Board Focus on ALL Students The Board of Trustees is committed to making decisions that take into consideration students’ academic needs and best interests. To the degree possible, these decisions are made by taking all factors into consideration.  Thus, students will always remain our top priority. 

    3. Safe, Healthy and Secure School Climates Keeping Rosemead schools safe and secure for students, staff and the community remains an on-going focus. Providing a healthy school environment that promotes lifelong healthy habits is strengthened by utilizing the California Healthy Kids Survey data to guide decision-making. The board and staff will remain continuously vigilant to support these ever-changing top priorities. 

    4. Leadership Leadership must be nurtured and valued at all levels and in all positions. Staff leadership is an investment in our people who serve students and the greater community while student leadership and programs like “Leader in Me™” are an investment in our students’ future.  Historically, ethical and stable leadership have made Rosemead strong. 

    5. Maximizing Financial Resources Limited California state fiscal resources are a reality that hinder our ability to enact all our hopes and dreams for Rosemead schools. Proactively seeking resources and utilizing available funds for the greatest impact is an ongoing responsibility led by the board. 

    6. Communication at All Levels Fostering a welcoming environment is an important part of the school community. Active listening and positive communication is a challenge in our linguistically and culturally diverse and widespread community of parents and staff.  The Board is committed to strengthening internal and external communication whenever possible.  

    7. Recognizing Student, Staff and Community Contributions to Build Morale The Board believes in being highly visible and accessible, while at the same time, maintaining capable and competent staff who are entrusted to address needs, questions, and concerns whenever possible. The Board is committed to maintaining open lines of communication to ensure that students’ needs are addressed.  The district staff will ensure that the board is continuously informed and kept abreast of all important issues.

    The Board together with the administrative staff is committed to upholding a high standard of respectful and professional behavior at all times and engaging in full transparency with stakeholders as a means to strengthen trust and encourage morale at all levels of the organization. 

    8. Board and Staff’s Willingness to Continue to Learn and Improve Through On-Going Professional Development The Board is mindful and recognizes that continuous and lifelong learning occurs at all levels and ultimately supports the success of Rosemead schools and students.

     Board Adopted:  December 8, 2016


    NOTE: To download the Rosemead School District, Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Priorities click here.