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    Algebra I 


    The primary goal of this course is to introduce students to the language of mathematics.  Topics include numerical and algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities, proportions, functions, linear equations and inequalities, polynomial expressions, factoring, quadratic equations, and graphing.  




    1. Arrive to class on time with all supplies every day
    2. Respect!!  Show respect to yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and their property. Work cooperatively with others.
    3. No Profanity
    4. Absolutely NO FOOD, DRINK or GUM allowed in the classroom
    5. “One at a time” rule





    1. Textbook:  Algebra:  Structure and Method Book 1  (McDougal Littell)
    2. Calculators will be used regularly.  Each student should bring one to class daily.
    3. Color pencils and ruler (I suggest something you can see through) will be needed from time to time
    4. Pens, pencils and papers
    5. A single subject spiral notebook is required 




    Quarter grades are based on a combination of all the work done.  


    1. Test – minimum of 1 per chapter
    2. Quizzes – minimum of 2 per chapters including Pop-quizzes
    3. Homework / Class work
    4. No extra credit work is given to individual students! 
    5. Portfolio / Notebook check




    Homework assignments are very important because it reinforces what you have learned in class. Assignments will be given from Monday to Friday.  Here are the requirements for the homework assignments:


    1. Homework should be completed before class begins. 
    2. All assignments should be neat and legible
    3. Homework is worth 5 points per day.  You will receive full credit if your homework is complete, with all work shown.
    4. Late homework is only accepted if you have been absent and only within the teacher allowed timeframe.




    It is the student’s responsibility to turn in work due while you were absent and to see me for make up any missed tests or quizzes.  It is recommended that all tests that are missed due to an excused absence be made up before school, during lunch or after school with an appointment.  The teacher is NOT RESPONSIBLE for reminding students to make up their work.



    It is my belief that without practice, success in Algebra 1 is not possible.  Therefore, we will be doing as much practice in class as possible.  Lack of effort during guided or independent practice during class time might affect one’s grade.



                Failure to meet the expectations and follow the rules will result in any of the following

                1st Offense:  Warning

                2nd Offense:  Student-Teacher conference

                3rd Offense:  Parent phone call and / or Detention

                4 th Offense:  Lowering of Citizenship Grade

                5th Offense:  Send to the vice principal and principal with a referral