Miss Cindy Ly, ME.d.

  • Miss Cindy Ly  

    About Me/My Beliefs:  

    As a product of the Rosemead School District, I am very proud to be a part of the teaching staff here at Muscatel Middle School. I am who I am today because of the friendships that I have made as a young child attending Encinita and Muscatel.

    In my classroom, I try to achieve an open learning environment where all my students are free from judgement. I want my students to be able to ask me any questions that they may have concerning math. In doing so, the pressure and nervousness that many students may feel in a normal classroom environment can be relieved. I am truly passionate about teaching and, therefore, I will help each and every student to the best of my ability. Once students and teachers are able to understand one another, we can achieve the mutual respect that is needed to put our differences aside and focus on the greater task at hand: math.


  • "Peace cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."  ~Albert Einstein

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