Savannah PBIS 🐬 (Positive Behavior Interventions Supports)



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Savannah PBIS 🐬

Savannah Elementary offers the award-winning Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) framework and has received multiple prestigious awards including the 2023 PBIS PLATINUM and 2022 PBIS GOLD Implementation Awards in recognition for our exemplary program.  🐬

Click here Savannah PBIS Launch 2023-24 to view the Savannah PBIS Kickoff Assembly.  

Savannah students learn and follow the Savannah PBIS Matrix. Teachers/staff review the matrix with all students and share it with parents too.  Every classroom and around campus, the PBIS Matrix is visible for positive behavior expectations.  Click here to see the Savannah PBIS Matrix.

Savannah students receive Dolphin Dollars when demonstrating exemplary behavior.  Then, each month they can turn in the Dolphin Dollars to shop at the Dolphin PBIS portable store, purchase Free Dress or Free Homework passes, participate in monthly raffles or attend monthly fun schoolwide PBIS events. Click here to see the events:  Dolphin Dollar Monthly PBIS Events 2023-2024.  Lots of options for positive behavior!

And every month, Savannah students can turn in their Dolphin Dollars for fun incentive prizes and raffles.  Click here to see how it works: Savannah PBIS Dolphin Dollar Store & Raffle Schedule 2023-2024.

Previous Years PBIS Kickoff Assemblies/Slide decks:  

Savannah PBIS Assembly Slideshow 2022