Mr. Barrera's Homepage

  • Welcome Mustangs!



    It's Mr. Barrera and I just wanted to let you know a few things about what goes on in Library/Multi-Media room or as I like to call it "The Lab"!

    Here are a few things you can come do in The LAB:

    • Check Out a Library Book.
    • Come play board games with friends.
    • Be Proactive and work on your Homework.
    • Coloring Pages to give your mind a break.


  • Chromebook

    Safety Tips:


    Hello students, just wanted to share a reminder that you are responsible for taking care of your chromebooks. Lately we have had several instances where students are leaving their chromebooks unattended, students are forgetting them out at lunch and not able to find them once they go back out and check, we have also had students come into the office saying their chromebook was broken because it was stepped on during lunchtime.

    Please be careful with these chromebooks. 

    When out at lunch please keep your chromebook by you at all times, do not leave it unattended and do not leave it on the floor. 

    Thank you!

  • Library Hours

    The Library will be open to students during the following hours:


    11:52 am- 12:35 pm


    2:20 pm-3:30 pm


    This is the time when students can come to the library and check out a library book, work on their homework, or if they are just looking for a quiet place to do a quiet activity. 

  • Procedure For Damaged Chromebook:

    If you have a damaged chromebook, you may come Anytime when the Library is open; which would be during Lunchtime or Afterschool.

    If you are coming during a class period, you must have a hallpass from your teacher to come see me for assistance. Any student who comes to see me without a HALLPASS will be sent back to class. 


    Teachers, when you have a student who needs chromebook assistance please contact me ahead of time either via email, or my ext. 561.

    It is possible that I may not be at my office and doing something around campus feel free to then try my personal cell. 


    Thank you!