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Superintendent's Message

  • Rosemead School District is experiencing some changes in administration this year.

    Randall Cantrell and Ronald Esquivel will return to the Board of Trustees for a four-year term as they run unopposed for their board seats in the November elections. Additionally, Dennis McDonald retired from the board in late May 2015, leaving a two-year unexpired seat vacant. As a result, there are two candidates who have filed and will be running for Dennis McDonald’s seat in November 2015.

    The winning candidate of the November school board elections will be seated in December along with Ronald Esquivel and Randall Cantrell, who will be given their Oath of Office at the December board meeting.

    “We are very fortunate to have Ron Esquivel and Randy Cantrell returning. Ron brings over 15 years of service to the position and Randy Cantrell brings over 20 years to his position as Trustee. The Rosemead School District is very fortunate and appreciative to have their experience and years of service in these important and notable leadership positions of governance,” said Superintendent Dr. Amy Enomoto-Perez.

    The district’s Educational Foundation offers Teacher Mini Grant awards, has an annual golf tournament fundraiser in June, and provides other support programs for schools and the community.

    Retired Muscatel Principal Dean Wharton has been elected to both of the president positions for the 2015-2016 school year.

    “Rosemead School District appreciates his leadership role in these groups who work to support students and volunteers to the school district,” said Dr. Enomoto-Perez.

    The Educational Foundation also sponsors a Wellness Fair and Walk Run each year late October. The event focuses upon and promotes wellness to all students and families. Community members are invited and encouraged to attend.

    Superintendent Enomoto-Perez noted some outgoing and incoming staff this school year.

    “We just had 3 retirees last school year,” said Dr. Enomoto-Perez. “They are classified Encinita Office Manager Lucia Enriquez and 2nd grade teacher at Encinita Caryn Bontems. Additionally, one Multimedia Aide who worked at Savannah and Encinita, Sylvia Alarcon, also retired from the computer lab this year.”

    Rosemead School District is in the process of hiring to-11 new teachers for this upcoming school year. The goal is to help lower class sizes for fourth through sixth grade.

    While kindergarten through third grade class size reduction has existed in the district since 1997, the new upper grade class size reduction program will be new and is a result of the state Local Control Funding Formula.

    There exist some recent policy changes within the school district in which parents should take note.

    “The parent exemption of student vaccinations was eliminated over the past summer by our legislature,” Dr. Enomoto-Perez stated. “All students must be immunized in order to attend school.”

    The superintendent noted the recent changes in state budget policies at the local level. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) along with the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) will continue into its second year.

    Changes in state birthdate deadlines may impact some incoming students.

    “When the state moved up the kindergarten deadline date for a fifth birthday to be September 5, this eliminated kindergarten for many students,” explained Dr. Enomoto-Perez.

    This is the third year of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for students with birthdays after September 5 through December 5.

    The school district has been consistently recognized for student achievement in science.

    “Our Muscatel Middle School has been a national, state and county winner of the Science Olympiad over the past 16 years,” said Dr. Enomoto-Perez. “Last year the team competed nationally in Nebraska and took home 8th place for the middle school division among the teams representing the United States.”

    In the area of K-8 after-school programs, the district has a very successful and well attended after-school program coordinated by Mrs. Carol Mahoney.

    The free After School Enrichment and Safety (ASES) program is available school days from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eligibility for the free program is determined by lottery each year.

    The district also offers a nominal price for a paid after-school program for students in grades K-6. These are the KSART and ASART programs. The programs offer homework help, recreational activities, and child care by regular district staff or employees.

    One of the school district’s many student focused programs is the Franklin Covey, Leader In Me (LIM) program that has been in place since 2008.

    “This is a wonderful, caring community of leaders,” said Dr. Enomoto-Perez.

    The LIM program promotes leadership in all students through student leadership and student engagement. It is an empowerment program for both students and staff, encouraging student-staff engagement.

    The first group of K-6 Leader in Me students will go to Muscatel this September.

    Dr. Enomoto-Perez attended UCLA where she earned a BA, USC where she earned her first MA, CSULA where she earned a second master’s in school leadership, and Pepperdine where she earned her Ed.D.

    She began her career with the school district in 1980 as an elementary ESL teacher at Janson School. She has also worked in Compton Unified as a member of Teacher Corps, Santa Ana Unified as an English Specialist, Lawndale Elementary as a Title VII Bilingual Specialist, and at Centinela Valley Union High School District as an English Specialist.

    Dr. Enomoto-Perez has worked in a variety of school and district administrative positions, currently serves as CEO and CBO of the district, and has been serving as Superintendent since 1997.

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