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    Building a strong, empowered community is at the heart of any successful education institution and is transformative in the lives of students, educators, and parents.  Many of our parents work multiple jobs, with irregular schedules, making it challenging for even the best-intentioned parents to stay involved with their child’s school.

    Here in the Rosemead School District, we believe we must engage our families as partners in meaningful ways.  To do this, we spend many hours trying to continuously build bridges between our parents and schools. 

    Modern technology is changing the way we can communicate with parents.  Our new Rosemead App is available free for Apple (iPhone, iPad) or Android (Phone, Tablet) and it will encourage and ensure even greater communication with families, in several languages.  Data rates may apply, please be sure to check with your phone service carrier to avoid additional charges.  Please read on and take a look below on how you can secure the FREE Rosemead mobile application for your Smart device. 

    Rosemead App

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    The Rosemead School District will continue to do its best to keep everyone informed.


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