Maintenance & Operations

  • Dr. Maria C. Rios, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services
    Mrs. Jackie McDonald, Clerk Typist x678

    Mr. Anthony Flores, Co-Lead Multi-Skilled Maintenance
    Mr. Octavio Serrato, Co-Lead Multi-Skilled Maintenance

    Mr. Raymond Miranda, Warehouseman
    Mr. Javier Pinedo, Groundsman
    Mr. Henry Jimenez, Groundsman


    The Maintenance & Operations Department includes:

    • Bond & Construction Related Projects (Mr. Sullins)
    • Grounds
    • Maintenance
    • Operations
    • Use of Facilities Requests (Mr. Sullins)
    • Warehouse


    Annual Pesticide Information Letter

  • Tel:  (626) 312-2900
    Fax: (626) 307-6189 Office
            (626) 307-6162 Warehouse