Public Comment (during the COVID pandemic)

  • Public Comments / Speaker’s Requests: 

    As per Governor Newsom’s Executive Order # N-29-20 signed on March 17, 2020, Item 3. Paragraph 11 of Executive Order N-25-20 (March 12, 2020) is withdrawn and superseded by the following text: 

    Notwithstanding any other provision of state or local law (including, but not limited to, the Bagley-Keene Act or the Brown Act), and subject to the notice and accessibility requirements set forth below, a local legislative body or state body is authorized to hold public meetings via teleconferencing and to otherwise electronically to all members of the public seeking to observe and to address the local legislative body or state body. All requirements in both the Bagley-Keene Act and the Brown Act expressly or impliedly requiring the physical presence of members, the clerk or other personnel of the body, or of the public as a condition of participation in or quorum for a public meeting are hereby waived. 

    • State and local bodies notice each teleconference location from which a member will be participating in a public meeting;
    • Each teleconference location be accessible to the public;
    • Members of the public may address the body at each teleconference conference location;
    • State and local bodies post agendas at all teleconference locations;
    • At least one member of the state body be physically present at the location specified in the notice of the meeting; and
    • During teleconference meetings, at least a quorum of the members of the local body participate from locations within the boundaries of the territory over which the local body exercises jurisdiction

     Are hereby suspended.


    If you wish to address the Rosemead School District Board of Trustees during the meeting, please provide your comments by emailing  by the start of the Board Meeting.  (See specific agenda for start time: click here)  

    All requests must clearly include: Speakers name, address, and topic. The Board of Trustees values your comments. Pursuant to the Brown Act, Government Code 54954.2, 54954.3, and Education Code 35145.5, the Board cannot take any action or discuss a topic of concern until such time as the matter may appear as an item on a forthcoming agenda. Pursuant to Board Bylaw No. 9323, each individual speaker shall be allowed three minutes to address the Board on each agenda or nonagenda item. The Board shall limit the total time for public input on each item to 20 minutes.