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  • 2024 0418 - "Do you accept donations of school supplies such as notebooks, pens, sharpeners, etc? If so, when/how?"

  • 2024 0415 - "Im not sure this is where i go but do you guys have a ceramic class and if I brought a half made Amick pot, what will it cost me to use your kill thank you"

  • 2023 1108 - "I would like to recommend a great place for a district field trip or a school field trip at the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center. They offer many learning expeditions including geology, rock formation, archaeology dig, gold panning, adobe brick making, fossils, dinosaurs, etc. It is very related to various science subjects taught within K-6. Thank you."

  • 2023 1012 - "Janson - School meal are great and sounds yummy and delicious versus my time when I was in their shoe. However we shall have vegetarian options. Crossing guard are great if parents and kids are on foot. Need more or better patrol for vehicles staying stationary waiting for kids versus pick and go to eliminate vehicle congestion."





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