• ASART is offered at the following schools: Janson, Encinita, Savannah and Shuey Elementary.

    ASART is a paid program that lets parents pick up their child whenever they need. We offer homework help, snack, outdoor play, enrichment, sports, etc.

    We take children who are funded by Options.

    There are different payment plans according to your needs:

    • Option 1: Full payment with a discount which comes out to $1,710 as opposed to $1,800 a year. It is a 5% discount that is only applicable if it is paid in full before school starts. 
    • Option 2: Monthly payment for all day care which is $10 a day. The total will be calculated according to how many days school is in session.


    This is an outline of the day to day activities:

    1:55-2:20 Check-in

    2:20-3:30 Homework Help

    3:30-4:00 Snack

    4:00-4:45 Outside Enrichment (Outside Play)

    4:45-5:40 Inside Enrichment (Educational Activities/Lessons)

    5:40-5:50 Clean up

    5:50-6:00 Pick up

    There is a $1 fee for every minute after 6:05.

    There will be slight modifications according to each site, this is a rough outline.