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    Resource Program Links and Recommendations

    RSP Home Learning - Enrichment activities to support learning at home
    Education.com - Access to free printable worksheets and academic games
    ABCYa - Literacy and Math Games Grades TK-5
    Starfall - Literacy Games Grades K-2
    Fun Brain - Reading & Grammar Games
    Storyline Online - Digital Read-Alouds for All Ages
    Just Books Read Aloud - Read-Alouds by Reading Level
    Prodigy - Math Practice Made Fun
    Khan Academy - Math and Science Digital Lessons Grades K-8
    Moby Max - All Academic Content Grades 1-8
    Math Playground - Games Sorted by Topic/Math Strand
    Fun Brain - Math Games with Grade Level Recommendations
    Mr. Nussbaum - Math Games
    PBS Kids - Math Games for Little Learners
    Special Day Class Links and Recommendations
    Starfall - Literacy Games Grades K-2
    Education.com - Access to free printable worksheets and academic games
    Scholastic - 20 days of free articles, stories, videos, and fun learning activities
    Unique Learning System - Elementary (Grades K-2)
    Unique Learning System - Elementary (Grades 3-5)
    Autism SDC Links and Recommendations
    Autism Classroom Resources - This website has math, matching, and many other practice activities students can do at home
    Education.com - Access to free printable worksheets and academic games
    Unique Learning System - Elementary (Grades K-2)
    Unique Learning System - Elementary (Grades 3-6)
    Functional Skills SDC Links and Recommendations
    Unique Learning System - Elementary (Grades K-2)
    Unique Learning System - Elementary (Grades 3-6)
    Unique Learning System - Middle School (Grades 7-8)
    Use natural opportunities to maintain skills
    • Count/add/subtract/multiply when
      • Setting the table
      • Cleaning up
      • Sorting/folding laundry
      • Cooking
      • Playing a board game
    • Read environmental print/numbers
    • Sing the ABC Song while washing hands
    • Label objects/actions/attributes at home and in the community
    • Ask “wh” questions about a video or book
    Speech and Language Links and Recommendations
    Speech Therapy Home Activities - This links to a free download of three handouts that promote speech and language at home
    Speech and Language Activities for Home - Speech and Language Practice
    Speech and Language Songs - YouTube Channel of videos with Core Vocabulary Songs
    Occupational Therapy Links and Recommendations
    Kids Master Skills - Free take-home packet created by an OT
    Tools to Grow - Free ideas, packets available
    The OT Toolbox - Use a lot of items found around the home
    The OT Toolbox - Fine motor and coordination acitivities using a simple deck of cards
    The OT Toolbox - Here are movement, dexterity, and strengthening activities using craft pom poms
    The OT Toolbox - Here are activities using paper clips to encourage coordination, visual motor skills, perception, and dexterity
    The OT Toolbox - Here are sensory diet activities for the backyard
    The OT Toolbox - Here are 31 ways to learn through movement and play
    The OT Tool Box - Here is a giant list of activities using playdough
    Therapy Street for Kids - Activities/ideas to work on a variety of skills
    Typing Practice

    Nitro Type

    Typing Club

    Online Eye Exercises

    Eye Can Learn

    Adaptive PE Links and Recommendations

    RSD APE Videos

    Open PhysEd

    The OT Toolbox - Indoor recess activities 
    • To encourage gross motor movement, core strengthening, and heavy work for sensory needs, try these indoor recess activities. They work at home, too!
    • Get outside!
    • Maintain a routine of going outside daily and being active
    • Reduce screen time
    • Do warm-ups (jumping jacks, toe touches, stretches)
    • Dance party!
    • Have a set PE time (physical movement, outdoor play, sports games) throughout the week

    Social Emotional Behavior Links

    National Association of School Psychologist (NASP) - National Association of School PSychologist (NASP) handout (English, Spanish, Chinese available)--Talking to Children About COVID-19: A Parent Resources

    CA State Council on Disabilities - COVID-19 Information By and For People with Disabilities

    Social Emotional Apps



    Universal Breathing App

    Tech & Other Resources

    Studio Code - Coding: Challenge the Mind & Learn 21st Century Skills

    Type Rocket - Practice your typing skills

    Dance Mat Typing - Improve your touch typing & speed

    Offline Activities
    • If you have a music instrument...practice!
    • Family puzzles and game boards
    • Enjoy Nature (go for a walk, play outside, ride a bike or scooter)
    • Bake cookies or cook a family favorite recipe
    • Scrapbook photos of friends and family
    • Write a letter to a friend
    • Organize an area in your room
    • Read a book and share your favorite part of the story
    • Create a comic book
    • Find geometric shapes in your home (I spy a triangle...I spy a square)
    • Flip a coin 10, 20, 100 times to compare heads vs. tail
    • Study patterns in plants by collecting leaves
    • Create a new dance move or game
    • Count steps between rooms in your home
    • Play "I'm Thinking of..." (I am thinking of an animal that is grey, is large, and has a trunk...)