Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Will learning two languages confuse a child or slow academic progress?

    Research has shown that young children have the capacity to learn multiple languages and have demonstrated stronger cognitive abilities. According to a study by Peal and Lambert, "bilinguals have greater mental flexibility, greater abstract thinking, greater lexical independence, superior concept formulation and higher verbal IQ than monolinguals."

    Why is it better for a child to learn a second language at the elementary level?

    Children tend to develop a more native-like pronunciation when language learning begins before adolescence.

    Will students in the immersion classroom learn the same things in the general classroom?

    The program uses the California Common Core Standards curriculum.  In addition to the California Common Core Standards, this program integrates the California World Language Standards and the ACTFL Standards.

    Are students exposed to only 50% of the curriculum?

    A common misconception about the Dual Immersion program is that student receives only 50% of the curriculum because English is taught for 50% of the day.  Students in Dual Immersion programs receive 100% of the grade-level core curriculum. One of the major differences in this type of specialized program is how the curriculum is delivered.  50% of the curriculum is delivered in English and 50% is delivered in Mandarin.

    How are students selected for enrollment?

    The district has established priorities for enrollment, in compliance with the California Education Code and the Rosemead School District Board policies.  The following priorities are dependent upon space availability into the program:

    1. Siblings of current Dual Immersion students are given priority placement.
    2. Rosemead School District residents who speak the target language, Mandarin, as determined by the Home Language Survey.
    3. Rosemead School District residents who speak English, as determined by the Home Language Survey.
    4. Mandarin-speaking students who are non-residents with an approved interdistrict/DOC permit.
    5. English-speaking students who are non-residents with an approved interdistrict/DOC permit.

    Available spaces are filled according to the above priorities. In the event that requests for enrollment exceed available space, personnel at the site will conduct a
    lottery.  Based on the lottery, a  prioritized list is established. Students are assigned to classes, according to the order of the list, until all spaces are filled.  The remaining students are placed on a waiting list until Labor Day.

    There are no entry requirements other than an assessment of students’ language proficiency for grades beyond Kindergarten.  Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) are considered on a  case by case basis following a review of the program guidelines and a recommendation by the IEP team.

    Is there a cost to the program?
    The Dual Immersion program is part of the public school district.  Therefore, there is no cost to the public.

    When will I hear about the status of my application?
    Typically, the district will begin contacting parents about the status of the DLI enrollment at the end of March. 


    Please note that the interest form for the DLI program is different than the registration for school.  Kindergarten registration begins the 3rd week of February.  If you are a Rosemead School District resident, please complete enrollment at your home school.

DLI Students at Encinita