Qualification Information

  • To receive California state preschool program services, children shall be three or four years by September 1 of the current program year.

    To receive California state preschool programs services, families shall meet the eligibility criteria as specified by the CSPP Program Requirements below. Families receiving full-day services shall meet both the eligibility and need criteria.

    In addition to meeting eligibility and/or need requirements, to be eligible for services the child must live in the State of California while services are being received. Evidence of a street address or post office address in California will be sufficient to establish residency. A person identified as “Homeless” pursuant to the FT&C, Section I, Definition of “Homeless” is exempted from this requirement and shall submit a declaration of intent to reside in California.

    The Rosemead School District may accommodate children residing outside the district boundaries in accordance with EC 8322(a). The determination of eligibility shall be without regard to the immigration status of the child or the child's parent(s) unless the child or the child's parent(s) is under a final order of deportation from the United States Department of Homeland Security

    Eligibility shall be established by 1, 2, 3, or 4 below:

    1. Family is a cash aid recipient
    2. Family is income eligible
    3. Family is homeless
    4. Family has a child who is at risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, or receiving child protective services through the county welfare department

    income qualification ranking chart, and qualification documents required:


    Income Chart

    Qualification/Registration Information