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    The Rosemead School District - District Office regular business hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  For more information on school events, please contact the school main office or visit their website.
    March 2018:
    • Wed., Mar. 21 - Late Start Day, Students start at 9:30 a.m., All Schools
    • Thurs., Mar. 29 - Board of Trustees Special Meeting (new)
    April 2018:
    • Mon., Apr. 2 - Fri., Apr. 6 - Spring Recess (Students No School)
    • Thurs., Apr. 5 - Board of Trustees Meeting (canceled)
    • Mon., Apr. 9 - Schools Reopen
    • Wed., Apr. 11 - Late Start Day, Students start at 9:30 a.m., All Schools
    • Thurs., Apr. 19 - Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:30 p.m. - Study Session
    • Wed., Apr. 25 - Late Start Day, Students start at 9:30 a.m., All Schools
    • Mon., Apr. 30 - Professional Development/Student Free Day (Students No School)


    Latest News
    Dear Rosemead SD Parents and Community, 

    The Rosemead School District has an excellent team of employees who work together to ensure the safety of our students and staff as our #1 priority.

    As the long-term Superintendent of the Rosemead School District, I am blessed to work with a wonderfully competent and caring group of professionals.

    The Rosemead School District Administrators, Staff and Board of Trustees will continue to reassure you, our parents that your children - our students’ safety will continue to be our #1 priority.  We continue to research, explore and implement new technologies to assist with campus security.  In addition, our professional development days (pupil free days) have not only been used to increase teacher and staff development in curriculum and instructional strategies; these days have also been used to train staff in disaster and emergency preparedness including active shooter scenarios. 

    We are all here for the best interest of all "our" children.  Next school year, we will continue to launch more staff training in the area of safety and security of our children and campuses. 

    I have met with our City Chief of Police and City Manager on a regular basis.  We continue to work closely as a team.

    Thank you to our staff for their countless hours of dedication and support to the Rosemead Community and families.  Thank you to our parents and community who support our security measures on campuses with a single point of entry and the fingerprinting and security checks of volunteers.


    Below please find urgent communication from Superintendent Dr. Enomoto-Perez:

     ~Updated: District Office, 3/20/2018

Our Schools

     Encinita Elementary School Milred B. Janson Elementary School Savannah Elementary School Emma W. Shuey Elementary School Muscatel Middle School

Superintendent's Message


    March 2018


    Dear Rosemead School District Community,  

    The tragic events in Parkland, Florida were another reminder of the need for all schools to be vigilant and as prepared as possible for any disaster.  This is a reminder that all of our schools have a single point of entry and all visitors must sign in at the front office or sign out their students. 

    You have likely seen that on March 14th, a 17-minute student walkout is being promoted nationwide in protest of school violence.  In addition, April 20th is being reported as another date for a potential walkout. Potential student or staff participation in such events raises our concerns particularly with regard to student safety. 

    We are committed to ensuring that our young people have appropriate venues for expression and student's voice.  Each principal is working with his/her staff to provide and practice classroom safety drills and procedures on March 14th.  The District maintains a comprehensive safety plan, as well, at each school. 

    Walkout activities are not sanctioned by the District nor by our individual PK-8 schools, therefore: 

    • We encourage our students and staff to remain in school both days.  We look forward to our Rosemead parents and community support to avoid unnecessary and unproductive disruptions to our students' learning. 
    • School safety is a shared community responsibility and is strengthened when good home and school communication is in place. 
    • We do maintain home-school communications via Blackboard/Connect Ed.  If your phone number changes, please advise the school office immediately and update your child's record and parent contact information. 
    • Please review my prior Superintendent's message.  There are helpful hints on how to speak to children/students and address their concerns in a time of a tragedy or disaster. 
    • Our Board of Trustees and I encourage all Rosemead citizens, elementary or middle school students, and staff to continue to work together to practice safe school plans. 

    Lastly, please stay vigilant about school safety.  If anyone in or of our community “sees or hears something" unsafe or detects suspicious behavior, please "report such and say something” to school officials or law enforcement. 

    If you prefer, the District also has an Anonymous Tip Line on the District website (, also available through the Rosemead Mobile Application, to report any activity that you might be concerned about.  All threats are taken seriously and our staff will complete follow-up actions promptly. 

    Thanking you in advance for your proactive partnership in safety. 


    Amy Enomoto-Perez, Ed.D



    Dear Rosemead Community and Friends,

     Congratulations Emma W. Shuey Elementary School for Receiving a Silver Medal during Science Olympiad

    On February 24, 2018, 15 fourth through sixth-grade students from Emma W. Shuey Elementary School competed in the 32nd Annual Science Olympiad at Occidental College.  Led by teachers Cami Case and Evonne Dotson, Shuey students earned a silver medal after competing in a number of different events.  The events emphasized a wide variety of different skills and abilities.  Students met once a week to prepare for the competition.  Students built a car made out of pasta which had to hold a ping pong “meatball” and roll straight distances down a steep ramp.  Other students studied earth science including reading weather maps.  Students also studied food webs using owl pellets.  Students built rubber band and tennis ball catapults and containers that would allow an egg to be dropped from a two-story building without breaking.  Some events required students to problem solve on the spot.  For example, in Mystery Architecture, students were given a bag of random objects such as cotton balls, toothpicks, gumdrops, paper cups and were required to build the tallest structure they could which would hold a tennis ball at the top in a set amount of time.  We are very proud of the Shuey Science Olympiad team for their hard work and dedication to science!

     Science Olympiad Shuey Silver Medal Winners


    Congratulations Savannah Elementary School for Receiving a Silver Medal during Science Olympiad

    On February 24th, Savannah Elementary won silver medals at the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad competition at Occidental college (just five points shy of a gold medal win).  A team of 15 young scientists and engineers in grades 4-6 scored an amazing 545 points competing against schools from all over Los Angeles County.  

    Building cars out of pasta, experimenting with pill bug dietary preferences, and designing a catapult to launch a tennis ball at a given target, our Science Olympians excelled at 20 different events.  Please join Coach Jennifer Nakata and Principal Ruth Soto as we congratulate our phenomenal team on their success.

    Savannah Science Olympiad Winners  


    Pictured (left to right):  Front Row: Sharlene Hua and Justin Ly; 2nd Row: Julie Thein, Eric Nguyen, Chris Yu, Tom Tong, Kayla Ly, Kathleen Tran, Ashley Ngo, and Jessica Hang; 3rd Row: Ethan Nguyen, Christina Huynh, Bennet Carias, Jimmy Pham, Hannah Urquidi; Back Row:  Teacher Jennifer Kelley and Principal Ruth Soto



    Congratulations to The Panda Restaurant Group on the Unveil of their “LOVE” Sculpture and a Special “THANK YOU” to Owner and Founder Mr. Andrew Cherng and Mrs. Peggy Cherng for their Continued Support of the Rosemead School District Students

    Earlier this month The Panda Restaurant Group unveiled their “LOVE” Sculpture at the Panda corporate headquarters in Rosemead, California. 

    The Rosemead School District would like to congratulate The Panda Restaurant Group on their beautiful sculpture and Thank You for the continued support of all students.


     LOVE Sculpture at The Panda Restaurant Group Headquarters in Rosemead



    Thank you to all the Volunteers for their Participation in the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Event at Mildred B. Janson Elementary School


    The Rosemead School District and Mildred B. Janson Elementary School Students and Staff thanked all the Volunteers for their participation in their annual Reading is Fundamental (RIF) event. 

    Annually, Principal, Mr. Gabriel Cardenas brings together a few volunteers made up of parents, staff, and community members.  Over the years, the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) event has grown with additional volunteers giving their time to read for students. 

    On behalf of Principal Cardenas, thank you so much for spending part of your extremely busy day to stop by and read to our student leaders.  We really appreciate your partnership and commitment to student achievement.  The students shared back with me and mentioned that the readers were “awesome”.  Thank you again!

    Annual Reading is Fundamental Event at Janson School


    Pictured (left to right): 
    Mr. Carlos Perez, Superintendent Amy Enomoto-Perez, Ed.D., Mr. Ricky Ferrer, Mrs. Katy Huang, Mrs. Fabiola Betancourt, Board Trustee Mrs. Veronica Peña, Director Mrs. Dawn Rock, Mr. Rick Gomez, Assistant Superintendent Armida Carreon, Ed.D., and Mr. Peter Peña.

    On behalf of the Rosemead School District and Mildred B. Janson Elementary School students, thank you to all our volunteers who made this event possible and the staff that organized the event.


     Congratulations Emma W. Shuey Elementary School and Encinita Elementary School for their Recognition by Franklin Covey for its Achievements as a 2017 Leader in Me Lighthouse School of Academic Distinction for Showing Exemplary Academic Growth


    The Rosemead School District Administration and Board of Trustees congratulate Emma W. Shuey Elementary School and Encinita Elementary School for their recognition as a 2017 Leader in Me Lighthouse School of Academic Distinction for showing Exemplary Academic Growth.    

    This distinction and recognition is due to Encinita’s percentile ranking rose in 2017 to 62.6, showing exemplary academic growth.  

    Encinita School Logo   Leader in Me Logo    Shuey School Logo

    This distinction and recognition is due to Shuey’s percentile ranking rose in 2017 to 86.7, showing exemplary academic growth. 

    On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Administration, congratulations and we are very proud of all of your accomplishments.




    For more information on any event listed below, please visit the Rosemead School District website at 

    March 2018:

    • Thurs., Mar. 1 – Board of Trustees’ Meeting
    • Fri., Mar. 9 – Professional Development/Student Free Day (No School)
    • Thurs., Mar. 15 – Board of Trustees’ Study Session Meeting
    • Thurs., Mar. 29 – Janson Leadership Day 8:30 a.m.
    • Thurs., Mar. 29 – Board of Trustees’ Special Meeting 

    April 2018:

    • Mon., Apr. 2 – Fri., Apr. 6 – Spring Break (No School)
    • Thurs., Apr. 5 – Board of Trustees’ Meeting  (Cancelled)
    • Mon., Apr. 9 – School Reopens – Students Return
    • Thurs., Apr. 19 – Board of Trustees’ Regular Meeting
    • Wed., Apr. 25 – Muscatel Open House 5:00 p.m. / Leadership Day
    • Mon., Apr. 30 – Professional Development / Student Free Day (No School) 


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