INTER District Permit Request


    The Rosemead School District (RSD) offers a wide range of options to meet the educational needs and goals of students and families. Most students’ needs can be met by their school of residence. The Special Education & Student Support Services office is responsible for the policy and procedures involving transfer requests and the issuance of permits.

      • OUTGOING Inter-District Permits may be granted for students to attend a school district other than the RSD.

      • INCOMING Inter-District Permits may be granted for students to attend the RSD instead of their district of residence.


      • An RSD inter-district permit application must be completed on-line. Paper applications will not be accepted. You can submit a request by filling out the form below.
      • An application must be submitted within the designated application period:
        • The OUTGOING inter-district (RSD resident requesting a permit to attend a school district outside of RSD) permit application period for the following school year is from February 1 to April 30 each year for all students. Decision will be emailed in May.
          • Parent employment will be the only OUTGOING permit application category accepted outside of this application window.
        • The INCOMING inter-district (resident of another school district requesting a permit to attend an RSD school) permit application period begins on February 1 for the following school year.
      • For applications submitted outside of the designated application periods:
        • Requests for OUTGOING permits, other than parent employment, will be processed on a case-by-case basis and may take up to 30 days to process.
        • Requests for INCOMING permits will be considered on an on-going basis and continue throughout the school year. There is no closing date.
      • Parents may only request one school in one school district for either an INCOMING/OUTGOING application.
      • Only one OUTGOING/INCOMING application may be submitted per student per school year.
      • Subsequent OUTGOING/INCOMING applications will be marked duplicate and will not be processed.
      • Required documentation for the OUTGOING/INCOMING application depends on the type of permit requested. Parent/guardian must email all required documentation before your application is reviewed to within 30 calendar days, or the application will be considered abandoned without the opportunity to appeal.
      • Parents are responsible for adhering to all application timelines, procedures and policies.


      • Education Code section 46600 allows students utilizing a valid permit at a specific school to continue at that school without applying for a new permit; this includes students with disabilities. Upon school change or matriculation, a new permit is required.
      • Permits issued by the RSD do not carry transportation privileges. Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting the student(s), including those with disabilities, to and from school and attending school conferences and meetings, including Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team meetings, as requested.
      • The RSD must consider integration, space and cost factors involved prior to granting a permit for any student, including those with disabilities.
      • In situations involving divorced or separated parents, a student may attend the school in the residence area of either parent. No permit is necessary for the student to remain at one school or to transfer to the other.
      • A non-parent guardian must be court-appointed to have the educational rights for the student in order to make a permit application request. Guardianship is only recognized through an official court order for either temporary or permanent guardianship. A notarized letter from a parent giving the educational rights to another adult is not legally sufficient to establish guardianship.
      • Parents are expected to make sure that their student is on time and in school for the full school day every day.


    Students Must:

      • Maintain satisfactory school attendance/report to school/class on-time every day.
      • Make continuous progress toward grade level standards (elementary) and/or maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA with no D or F grades (secondary).
      • Seek help from teachers and counselors and attend tutoring when having academic difficulties or in danger of receiving a grade of D or F (Secondary).
      • Comply with all classroom and school rules and policies.
      • Demonstrate appropriate citizenship and behavior in the classroom and on campus - no Report Card with multiple “1s” for Skills for Success on Achievement Report (elementary) or multiple “Unsatisfactory” citizenship grades (secondary).
      • Comply with all conditions of the RSD Discipline Policy (parent/guardian signature on file).

    Parent Must:

      • Provide adequate transportation so the student can maintain satisfactory school attendance/report to class on time and is picked up from school on time.
      • Ensure that your student attends school.
      • Call the Attendance Office before 9:30 a.m. on the day of the absence to inform the school of the reason for the absence--or provide a note explaining the reason for the absence on the day of the return.
      • Excuse a student only for valid reasons. Requests for absence other than for illness or emergencies are strongly discouraged. Parents should plan family vacations during regular school vacation times.
      • Provide a time and place for quiet study time for completion of homework and study assignments.
      • Provide school officials with accurate and true information.
      • Cooperate with school and district officials and maintain a positive working relationship.
      • Attend parent conferences when requested.
      • Insist your student complies with the school dress code.


      • Incomplete applications will not be processed. Parents are encouraged to check INBOX, SPAM or JUNK email boxes for correspondence.
      • Parents will be notified if their application is incomplete. If all required documents are not submitted within 30 days of the notification, the OUTGOING/INCOMING application will be considered abandoned and parents may not reapply or appeal.


      • OUTGOING Permit requests for students with special education and/or medical needs will be reviewed and processed as any other permit request.
      • INCOMING permit requests must first qualify on their own merit and are then forwarded to Special Education for Special Needs Review and a final application decision.


      • The permit decision will be e-mailed to the parent. The requested district will be notified.
      • If the email is not returned to our office, the RSD will consider the notification to have been delivered. Please be aware of spam/junk mail settings.
      • It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a valid email address.
      • Notification of the District’s final decision on current year requests will be provided within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request.
      • Notification of the District’s final decision on future year requests will be provided no later than 14 calendar days after the commencement of instruction in the school year for which the permit is sought.
      • Upon receipt of an approved OUTGOING/INCOMING permit, the parent may not request another permit application or a change to the existing permit to indicate a different school, district or permit type for the same school year.


      • If a permit request is denied by RSD, the parent has the right to appeal the decision. If you decide to appeal, you can contact the Los Angeles County Office of Education at:

    Child Welfare and Attendance Unit
    Division of Student Support Services
    Los Angeles County Office of Education
    12830 S. Columbia Way
    Downey, CA  90242-2890
    (562) 922-6233


    Permits may be cancelled, revoked, or denied renewal for the following reasons:

      • Issued in error
      • Falsified information or documentation
      • Any change to the permit criteria
      • Truancy (i.e., unexcused absences)
      • Infractions of school rules and regulations
      • Failure to make satisfactory academic progress
      • The student is dropped off or picked up beyond regular school hours including before and after school programs

    Inter-District Permit Request to Transfer IN to Rosemead SD:

    Inter-District Permit Request to Transfer OUT of Rosemead SD:

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